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Inexpensive Sand Carving Tools - Pastry Knives

proudly hosted by
sons of the beach sand castle wizards

A basic smoothing/shaping tool is essential for creating great sand sculpture. Here are some of our favorites....

Ask a serious sand sculptor what his/her most-used tool is and s/he'll probably wave a 3/4" pastry knife at you.You should be able to find these knives in various shapes and sizes anywhere they sell cake decorating items.We order the most popular size (3/4") by the box load and sell them for as little as $4 each. (They arrive rounded on the end, we square them up for you so you can use them for doors/windows as well.)

Click on the knife you would like to know more about.

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STANDARD 3/4" PASTRY KNIFE --Off-set handle keeps your hand from getting in the way while smoothing surfaces. Squared-off end makes it ideal for doors and windows and other square indentations


TAPERED PASTRY KNIFE --Off-set handle. Tapered end gets into hard to reach areas. Sandy feet sez: Great for face carving and other situations where you don't want a hard edge


MONDO PASTRY KNIFE --Off-set handle, squared end. 11.5 inches of sand moving power for big swipes. Amazin' Walter swears by this one

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