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Specialty Sand Carving Tools

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sons of the beach sand castle wizards

A few years back the Sons of the Beach started pounding out steel wielding rods into weird shapes and sticking them into wooden dowels in an effort to create a set of "just the right tools" for carving sand. They worked pretty good - but they weren't real pretty.

So we got talking to Gary - our favorite rocket scientist who really seems to enjoy tinkering with things like this, and the result is what you see here - stainless steel carving tools fitted into color-coded plastic handles. They have a good grip and the bright handles make them easy to find in the sand.

the Sons of the Beach

Sand Sculpting Tool Kit

We know, they look a lot like clay carving tools you might find in any arts supply shop. But if you have ever taken clay carving tools for an extended stay at the beach, you learn real quick that most are made of materials that rust - sometimes overnight.

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The complete set of SOB Sand Carving Tools (pictured aove) includes the following:

  • a column tool for smooth, rounded columns
  • a loop tool (for scallops)
  • two sizes of square tools (for doors, windows, square columns & lettering) - wide and thin
  • arrowhead tool (for surface detail such as bricks, rocks and lettering)
  • tiny trowel - for small-scale windows and tiny detail work
  • pastry knife (with offset handle and squared-off end)
  • paintbrush - for brushing away loose sand - handle is a great rock-maker
  • rubber tube - for blowing away sand - on a string so you can wear it around your neck (just like the pros!)
  • 20-page fully-illustrated instruction booklet - tells you how to handstack towers, walls and arches and then how to use these specific tools to carve them - plus lots more!

You can see photos of these tools in action at

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