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I got my first taste of the internet back in 1995. Of course the first thing I did was search for "sandcastles." And there was nothing there!

So I decided I would have to teach myself how to build websites so that I could teach the world how to build better sandcastles. In the process, I built a lot of other sites as well (see a partial list here) but the site you are looking at is what started it all. (Back then it was located at

Well, the time has come where I just don't want to build any more real estate sites. I am a sand sculptor first - I make no claim to being the best sand sculptor in the world, but I may be the best sand sculptor teacher, and that is what I enjoy doing more than anything else.

I would like to continue to add more useful sand sculpture related content to these pages and keep them fresh and interesting, and I would like to keep this content free and available to anyone who is interested in sandcastles. It would be wonderful if I could do that through voluntary donations. As you may have noticed, there are lots of ways you can show your appreciation for my efforts.

Thanks much for even considering a donation, and check back soon for new stuff!

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