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by sandy feet

Welcome to my ever-expanding collection of sand sculpting tips and tricks.

We think the world would be a better place if more people were having fun in the sand. Seeing a completed work by a polished professional may make you think there is a certain amount of magic involved... how do they make the sand stand like that?

Well here is your invitation to peek behind the wizard's curtain. All we ask in return is that you get out there and move some sand and make sure you have fun while you are at it.

First - a few words about "what makes sand stand." The secret to throwing sand up in the air and convincing it to stay there long enough to be carved into something spectacular is compaction. There are three ways to compact sand: "softpack" is the most intuitive: pack and pat moist sand into a mound that roughly resembles the shape you are envisioning. "Handstacking" will help you reach greater heights in altitude while letting water and gravity do the compacting for you. But if you want to "go big", then you will want to give forms a try. Serious sand sculptors usually use a combination of these three methods.

Handstacking Tips and tricks pdf file free download

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NEW! South Texas Snowballs

Don't throw these at anybody -- they are heavy and they make a big mess when they land!

NEW! Snowmen Made of Sand

Just in time for the holidays!

Hand-Stacking Tips for Beginners

Leave the cheesy plastic molds behind and see why we say "stacked sand is happy sand!"

sandy feet demonstrates handstakcing sand

"SoBStackers" Plastic Forms and make-your-own bucket forms

The Sons of the Beach Sandcastle Wizards tell you where and how to find them.

forms for building bigger sandcastles

"Rad" Forms

Formed sand comes to the masses! Sculptor Kirk Rademaker has discovered a light-weight, inexpensive alternative.

rad forms in action

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