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Learn to Handstack Sand! by sandy feet

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sons of the beach sand castle wizards

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by sandy feet

Leave the cheesy plastic molds behind...

and find out what amazing things you can do with wet sand. The Sons of the Beach can easily teach nearly everyone how to--

  • Build towers, walls and arches several feet tall out of sand and water!
  • Combine those structures to create other structures!
  • Carve those structures into recognizable shapes!
  • Get a great tan without even trying!

What You Need

  • A beach (or sand box) - fine-grained, silty sand works the best
  • A shovel - long-handled with a small scoop is ideal, but a garden spade is better than nothing
  • Some simple carving tools

Build a Better Sand Castle

We start by digging a hole down to the water table. (If you dig too far from the shoreline you will probably have to dig a very deep hole... too close and you might get wiped out by waves or incoming tides.) Water is the glue that holds the sand together, so you want to have an easily accessible source. An alternative to digging a hole is to mix the sand and water in a bucket and build out of it instead.
Everyone knows how to dribble! Our method is just a modified dribble technique using larger handfuls of sand - very WET sand.
 dribble photo
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