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feet lesson

Sandcastle Lessons?!

You bet! Sandcastle building is a great way to interact with the beach. It's a fun family activity (and cheaper than renting waverunners for everyone), it's a wonderful way to meet people, a useful means of teaching teamwork and cooperation -- and it's good exercise, too!

But where do you start if you are artistically challenged? Who do you turn to if you suffer from crumbly towers and fallen arches? In these pages we have assembled links to talented sand sculptors willing to "share" their secrets with the rest of the beach-loving world.

Likely Candidates for Sand Castle Instruction

  • Vacationing Families
  • School Groups
  • Church Youth Groups
  • Boyscouts, Girlscouts, etc.
  • Corporate Management Trainees ("Team Building" Exercises)

Where Do I Find a Qualified Instructor?

Here at we try to keep an up to date list of qualified sandsculpting instructors and the beaches where they offer classes. check our list to see if there is an instructor at or near your favorite beach.

Teachers Are Finding Adjustable Standing Desks Comfortable.

Adjustable standing desks are becoming an industry standard in the
teaching environment. Tables and desks that were once uncomfortable,
have become more free-flowing and much more manageable.

Sandcastle Instructors

Sand Sculptors who specialize in beach wedding and marriage proposal sculptures


Q. This sounds like so much fun, but my favorite beach is not represented here. Are you sure you have listed them all?

A. Nope. These are just the ones I know about. If I don't know about them, I can't list them.

Q. But I really really want to do this!?

A. Then consider coming to lovely South Padre Island, TX for your next beach vacation. We have the highest ratio of sand sculptors to population and I can (almost) guarantee we can find you an instructor.

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