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Of course you can have plenty of fun on the beach (or in the sandbox) without a lot of fancy gear. But when you are ready to get serious about sand sculpture - the fact that you found this page suggests you might already be there - you will find a growing variety of specialty items that will allow your sand sculpture - and your creativity - to soar to new heights.

Handstacking Tips and tricks pdf file free download


You will definitely need a shovel and you might do your back a favor and consider your options carefully. That fold-up army surplus number might look inviting, but short handled shovels are no fun if you plan on moving a lot of sand.

We like long-handled shovels with small scoops. Our local Walmart carries a line called "Real Tools for Kids" that are just about perfect for a day's excursion to the beach. 

Above are the contents of sandy feet's tool bag.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of carving implements here. Some of them go unused for weeks or months at a time -- but you never know when that silly little cheese slicer thing might be just the right tool for the job...


No need to start with something fancy -- These are items you probably already have lurking in a kitchen cabinet, garage or junk drawer


The off-set handle makes the difference




If you are serious about sand sculpture, you will want to take a look at these tools designed specifically for carving sand....

Plastic Forms

Heavy plastic sheeting that will help you achieve altitude like the pros

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