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Specialty Sand Carving Tools

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"Can You Dig It" Plastic Sand Carving Tool Set

plastic sand carving tools

Can You Dig It Sand Tools make great additions to your sand carving arsonal. Sturdily constructed from high-grade plastic, these tools come in their own reusable mesh drawstring bag - roomy enough to carry additional carving tools as well.

Can You Dig It Sand Tools are Guaranteed for Life and are made in the USA. Set includes the following pieces:

  1. The Sand Wedge Hoe is for roughing out your form. It will also remove the excess sand from the project as you work.
  2. The Papa Shaper is great for shaping the larger features or forms that will become the key points of your creation.
  3. The “mama” shaper is excellent for many of the architectural details of medieval castle including arrow slits and stairs.
  4. The “baby” shaper is good for minor details, like writing in the sand. Like its mom and dad, it can also be used to remove excess sand but in smaller amounts.
  5. The bull nose shaper is perfect for concave rounds and the internal curves your project may require.
  6. The “C” Shell scoop performs many tasks while excess sand is directed away from your work for removal with the hoe later.
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