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"Sandstackers" Plastic Forms

Attaining height and mass with sand just got a lot easier...

Sand Sculptor Anne DeMarzo of New York (shown at left) - has brought light-weight, self-fastening sand forms to market.

Just $19.95 each (plus s&h)

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sandy feet sez: "How did I ever get by without them?"

See Sandstackers™ in action

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“WOW! How’d they do that?”

Young or old, that’s always the question when someone sees sand sculpting for the first time. Having a love for the beach and an inability to sit still, I figured the answer to that question would make a great hobby. I tried what I thought were some logical methods only to get poor results. Then, I heard that a professional sand sculptor was demonstrating the art at a local beach festival. I attended with great hopes of solving the mystery.

The Master sand sculptor gladly shared some secrets of the craft with his captive audience. He showed how he uses a large garbage pail with the bottom cut out to create a tall mass of damp sand. He said any pail could be used, as long as the formed sand could be pushed out while lifting off the bucket.

For the next two summers I used two-gallon plastic flowerpots with the bottoms cut off. The thoroughly packed heaps of sand proved to be the key to this art, but getting the height I wanted with such small pails was time consuming. Carrying a thirteen-gallon garbage pail, like the professional, along with two small sons and all that goes on a trip to the beach, just wasn’t practical. I had to find a better way.

I looked and tinkered to create some kind of cylinder with comparable strength that I could roll up. My first model was made of a six-foot linoleum runner and some C-clamps. The result was more sand mass in less time, but linoleum is heavy to carry and the massive amount of water that leaked out the seam made for a lot more strenuous work. Necessity being the mother of invention, I developed a lightweight sheet of plastic that forms a cylinder by fastening attached Velcro strips. Unfastening the Velcro gives it the ability to roll up for portability. Today, whenever I’m on the beach enjoying the “mad” fun hobby of amateur sand sculpting and people ask, “how’d you do that?” I show them my Sandstackers™.

Now, you too can discover genuine fun - JOIN THE OBSESSION!


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