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The perfect companion for your SoBstackers is a lightweight tamper

Forms for packing sand - We were bummed when our supply of SandStackers dried up, as they were a popular item with our shop visitors. So we decided to come up with something similar to fulfill what is obviously a desire amongst serious sand sculptors for lightweight, inexpensive forms.

Note: These forms are not "toys" and should not be used by children other than with adult participation. They do not come with instructions; please scroll down and/or download --

Made from 40 mil plastic sheeting, these forms are heavier than SandStackers and so will take more punishment at tamping time -- and they should pretty much last forever. Each form comes with a pair of shiny red c-clamps. (These clamps will certainly not last forever - though frequent rinsing and shooting with WD40 will help extend their lifespans - but can be easily replaced at your local hardware store.)

Currently we offer these forms in three sizes. Custom sizes may be available - feel free to e-mail your request. (Prices include ground shipping in U.S. Sorry, not available for expedited or international shipping.)

Quick Instructions:

Wrap the (empty) form into a cylinder, secure top and bottom with the provided c-clamps. Level a packed base and place cylinder on top. Shovel a layer of dry or moist sand into form (6-8 inches deep.) Pour in water and mix well. Allow to let settle or tamp with feet or other implement. Repeat until form is filled to desired height. Remove clamps and carefully peel form. Carve as desired.

Quick Tips:

1. We recommend a 18" overlap (minimum) and our standard form sizes reflect what size cylinder you can expect if you follow this advice. However, there is wiggle room here. Going smaller is no problema whatsoeveras multiple times around will only strengthen the form -- but you may also be able to go a bit larger as long as you keep some overlap and don't pound too hard.

2. If you are experiencing many collapses upon peeling of the form, try a.) using more water; b.) tamping harder; or c.) filling up the form only halfway. RESULTS WILL VARY ACCORDING TO QUALITY OF SAND.

For more tips, tricks and pics of these forms in action, download the instruction pdf linked above.

About the Set

If you max out all three forms you will end up with a configuration similar to the one in the photo below - just under 4' tall. If you place your bottom form on a raised (wetted and packed) base and do some handstacking on top you can easily attain 6' or taller in height with these forms. Roll them up inside each other and they fit into a 5 gallon bucket or a medium-sized duffle bag for easy transport on an airplane.